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Natural Pain Relief with the Activator Technique in Inver Grove Heights

The Activator Method® is a chiropractic technique that utilizes a hand-held, spring-loaded device called an activator adjustment instrument, which provides quick, low-force impulse forces at very specific points of the spine. Like manual spinal manipulations, the goal of using the Activator Technique in Inver Grove Heights is to help restore motion to the joints or vertebra to treat neck pain, back pain, extremity pain and head pain.

Due to its efficacy in treating traditional pains and providing soft tissue pain relief, this method is widely popular with chiropractors. Statistics from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners report that more than half of US chiropractors use the Activator Method® as a part of their treatments. [1] In fact, after the Diversified adjustment technique, this gentle method is the most common intervention therapy chiropractors use today. [2]


What to Expect During an Activator Treatment

Typically, patients lie on a table face down. Your chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights MN will evaluate your motions as you do so to try and see where your issues are sourced from. They may also check your legs after you are in a position to see if one leg is shorter than the other, which can be signs of lower lumbar issues on the shortened side. The chiropractor generally begins applying the activator tool in between targeted vertebral one by one, slowly moving their way up to the neck area. This process is painless, and all patient’s feel is a slight ‘tapping’ motion as the spring-loaded device is employed. This non-invasive technique can help provide soft tissue pain relief as well as treat chronic conditions.

How the Activator Technique® Provides Natural Pain Relief

Patients seeking the most gentle and effective method of natural pain relief will enjoy many benefits of this method of chiropractic care. Each tap is intended to help reduce inflammation and stiffness in the spinal joints to help restore mobility and alleviate pain. Because it is more focused and centered than manual adjustments, your chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights MN has greater accuracy in hitting the areas that are sourcing your pain and discomfort.

The activator tool is commonly employed to address lower back pain, upper and middle back pain, neck pain and those pesky migraine headaches. One reason patients and chiropractors tend to prefer this method is that with the activator, there are no cracking and popping noises and no sudden jolts to the body as with traditional adjustments. Also, this tool moves very quickly, so the body has less time to tense up and ‘react’ to the action, making it more effective for tense patients. It is an ideal choice for those suffering from too much pain for a manual treatment, and we often use it on younger patients and those who’ve been involved in an accident.

Learn More about the Activator Technique®

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