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What to Do After a Car Accident in Inver Grove Heights Car Accident in Inver Grove Heights

When you have been in a car accident your life is thrown into disarray. Furthermore you may have experienced serious injuries that cause you severe pain and disability. But what do you do if you have no serious injuries? First of all you see your Inver Grove Heights chiropractor at the Cahill Back and Neck Care Center for a realignment. We can treat your pain and injuries effectively with a holistic approach to healing and pain relief. Here are other steps you should take to improve your physical health after an auto accident.

See a Car Accident Chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights 

Even if you don’t have any physical pain or noticeable injuries you want to see a car accident chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights. Your chiropractor will be able to readjust your musculoskeletal system using chiropractic care. This will help to realign your muscles, spine, nerves, and joints that are likely out of place due to the jarring motion of the car crash. By getting everything back into its proper position your body is less likely to suffer from long term injury or pain. See your chiropractor as soon as possible to get an evaluation to determine if you have underlying injuries. This ensures you meet your auto insurer's deadline for coverage after an accident.

Treat Pain at Cahill Back and Neck Care Center

If you have physical pain you want to visit Cahill Back and Neck Care Center as soon as possible. At your Inver Grove Heights chiropractor you can get pain relief naturally without the need for invasive surgery or toxic pain killing drugs. To get to the source of your neck pain or back pain we can utilize spinal decompression techniques to relieve the pressure and swelling in your vertebrae. If you have suffered from muscle pain or tension we can use massage therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and myofascial therapy release. These methods can improve circulation, which combats inflammation and swelling. After which you can experience natural pain relief. 

Get Help for Auto Injuries and Whiplash 

For specific auto injuries including whiplash, headaches, herniated discs, sciatica, and muscle strain Dr. Scott Stinson can assist you. Before creating a personalized treatment plan for auto accident injury treatment in Inver Grove Heights Dr. Stinson will conduct a thorough physical exam. The goal is to find the source of the auto injury. Whether you are dealing with neck pain that could lead to whiplash or severe low back pain, your chiropractor can treat the pain at the source. This helps to promote long term healing so you can get on with your life after a car accident.

Your Chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights 

If you have suffered from a car accident and want treatment for your auto injury you need the services of your chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights. Here at Cahill Back and Neck Care Center we provide comprehensive chiropractic care. Contact our office at 651-451-7222 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stinson or our massage therapists Liz Vasquez and Deb Ebel.

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