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Massage Therapy In Inver Grove Heightsinver grove heights chiropractic massage therapy

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A chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights can provide back pain relief, neck pain relief and pain relief in general through more ways than just chiropractic adjustments. A chiropractor near South St. Paul provides pain relief through massage therapy. Although the process is similar to that of a traditional massage, a massage therapist in Inver Grove Heights has special training to deal with various health conditions. 

Definition of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy utilizes massage to sooth sore muscles and reduce pain. People who seek out massage therapy in Inver Grove Heights benefit whether they've undergone a sports injury or got into a car accident. Even those who have injuries from other issues or who have various health conditions such as arthritis can find relief via massage therapy. Although the massage will reduce stress and anxiety, massage therapy goes beyond the standard massage. When massage therapy in Inver Grover Heights is conducted by a professional, the massage therapist targets the muscles around the area where you're experiencing pain. The therapist utilizes special techniques that loosen the muscles, which not only assists with reducing pain but also has the potential to enhance your rehabilitation or increase your range of motion. 

Conditions Improved by Massage Therapy

Although many patients seek relief from injuries via massage therapy, it's also beneficial for those who have joint pain, degenerative disc disease and sciatica. People who have headaches may utilize massage to reduce stress and tension throughout the entire body. Cancer patients can find relief from pain using this all-natural technique. Research indicates those who have HIV or AIDS may improve their quality of life by using massage therapy. Fibromyalgia causes symptoms like pain and fatigue. Some patients find relief from medications, but not every fibromyalgia patient is relieved through medications alone or even medications in general. Massage therapy can be used with or without medications to help those who have fibromyalgia combat the pain. 

Pregnant Women Benefit From Massage Therapy

Our expert chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights MN has experience working with pregnant women and understands their particular needs. By knowing what chiropractic treatments are safe, yet effective, a chiropractor has the ability to use massage therapy to relieve back pain in pregnant women. Women who have muscle or joint pain can benefit from a massage. Massage will reduce swelling, too. The massage can also reduce stress and anxiety, which have a negative impact on the unborn baby. 

Safety of Massage Therapy

For the most part, massage therapy is a safe process since it's noninvasive. However, it's not for every patient. The chiropractor will evaluate your medical history prior to conducting the treatment to ensure you don't have any health conditions that could interfere with the process. In addition, the chiropractor may have to adjust a massage to meet your specific needs depending on your health conditions. 

To learn more about massage therapy in Inver Grove Heights or to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights, contact us at Cahill Back and Neck Care Center at 651-451-7222.

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