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Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Inver Grove Heights

Many people have not considered chiropractic care for their child, even though they may have sought help from a chiropractor for themselves. There is no reason that individuals should not benefit from chiropractic care in Inver Grove Heights during their childhood, as well. Chiropractic care is safe, comes with few side effects, and can sometimes be much more effective at reaching the underlying cause of the problem.

pediatric chiropractic care from our chiropractor in inver grove heights

Uses of Chiropractic Care During Childhood

There are many reasons that children visit a chiropractor. However, one of the major ones is a sports injury. While children are more resilient in some ways, their bodies are also more vulnerable in other ways because they are not done growing. Their injuries can also have more lasting consequences. If a person is injured in childhood and does not get proper treatment, they may grow up with a part of their body that does not do its fair share of the work. This can have consequences ranging from poor posture to chronic pain.

Avoiding these complications requires seeking care from a health provider who is capable of dealing with the source of the problem. Chiropractors are taught to see the whole person, not just an individual joint or limb. For example, some pain or injuries that may occur while playing sports could be the result of poor posture, which might not immediately be obvious. However, the problem will not get better or will recur if the underlying issue is not addressed.

Student-athletes are often reluctant to take time off to let injuries heal. Our chiropractor can explain why that might be necessary, or if they must only avoid certain motions or activities. The long-term consequences of not allowing healing time can be severe, so we do recommend that your child is seen by a CPOYA network of providers member if they have been injured while playing sports.

Concerned Parents of Young Athletes

Dr. Stinson of Cahill Back and Neck Care Center in Inver Grove Heights is proud to be a member of the Concerned Parents of Young Athletes (CPOYA) Network of Providers. Concerned Parents of Young Athletes is an organization that was formed by a chiropractor, Dr. Maggs and aims to raise awareness of biomechanical issues in sports for kids and teens. The concern of CPOYA is that student-athletes are only getting help once they have a problem, not when it could potentially be prevented. Dr. Maggs also believes that treatment of athletic injuries could be improved by assessing the student as a whole and not just looking at the injured area.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Inver Grove Heights Chiropractor

Dr. Stinson, as a member of the CPOYA network of providers, can provide the necessary services to help student-athletes remain at their best and avoid getting injured in the first place. If your teen or child does acquire a sports injury, he can help assess the problem and provide a solution that truly targets the underlying cause. To make an appointment with us, call 651-451-7222.

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