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Sciatica Treatment from Your Chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights MNsciatica treatment

When you visit Cahill Back & Neck Care Center, you’ll get the help you need for the pain you feel. For many of our patients, sciatica is a debilitating, intense pain that can be either chronic or fleeting. When it occurs, it can limit your movement and limit your quality of life. With the help of your chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights MN, you can begin to see help for this condition.

How Can Your Chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights help with Sciatica?

As a trusted and experienced chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights, Dr. Scott Stinson offers treatment for sciatica through the use of chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can help with pain relief for a number of reasons. Often, sciatica is a condition brought on by a pinched nerve from a herniated disc. When the spinal column aligns properly, each of the discs in between the vertebrae line up properly. When injury, disease, or even poor posture occur, this can create a compression of these discs, called a herniated disc. When this happens, the nerves that run in the spinal column begin to send pain signals to the brain.

Sciatica is brought on by a nerve that runs from the lower back into the hips and down the legs. This shooting pain is one of the most common reasons our team receives calls for back pain that’s debilitating.

Sciatica Treatments in Inver Grove Heights

When you come in seeking back pain relief, neck pain relief, or other sciatica pain, our team will conduct a thorough exam and listen to you describe your symptoms. We’ll then recommend the treatment that is right for you. The most commonly successful sciatica treatments in Inver Grove Heights involves the use of chiropractic adjustments. With gentle force, we work to realign the spinal column properly, reducing the pressure on the discs and restoring your mobility.

Getting Pain Relief in Inver Grove Heights

Pain relief does not have to come from medications or advanced treatments requiring surgery. In fact, when you need pain relief in Inver Grove Heights, your first step should be to turn to a chiropractor. Chiropractic care allows us to treat many types of pain including nerve pain causing your joints to hurt. For many, the back pain relief and neck pain relief they have not been able to obtain through traditional medicine can be treated through chiropractic care. You do not have to struggle with pain. If sciatica is impacting your day to day life, schedule a consultation to learn more about your options.

Contact Your Inver Grove Heights Chiropractor Today

With advanced treatments and traditional manual adjustments, your Inver Grove Heights chiropractor can help you treat sciatica pain. We focus on providing you with a holistic treatment plan that does not use pain medications to treat symptoms. Rather, we work to heal the underlying cause of your pain, which can give you back your quality of life. To learn more, call our offices for an appointment today: 651-451-7222.

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