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Body Composition Analysis in Inver Grove Heightsbody composition analysis

Everyone wants to be healthy, but some find it hard to make time for exercise and a nutritious diet. Body composition is one metric used to measure health. Factors like genetics, exercise rate, and diet all play a role in one’s body composition.

If you’re interested in improving your nutrition, why not contact a chiropractic clinic in Inver Grove Heights? You can receive a body composition analysis and change your health and your life.

What Is a Body Composition Analysis?

A body composition analysis in Inver Grove Heights measures your fat percentage against the rate of muscles, water, and bone. This isn’t a simple measurement of your weight. The numbers go far deeper.

Depending on your fat tissue and muscle tissue, your body may be more or less lean. While a normal scale will only give you one flat number, our chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights MN uses a special scale.

What Are Competitive Edge Body Fat Scales?

Competitive Edge body fat scales are used by a chiropractor in Inver Grove Heights MN for a body composition analysis. These scales compare the amount of body water to one’s body fat for a more comprehensive measurement.

How? With bioelectrical impedance analysis technology, which uses electrical signals. These travel along the body when a patient steps on the scale. Those signals allow for a reading of fat and muscle tissue, detecting the fluid level in these.

According to the Competitive Edge, men should have a reading at about 50 to 65 percent. Women should have a reading at 45 to 60 percent.

What Can You Do to Improve Body Composition?

What if your body composition surpasses those numbers? It’s recommended you change both your diet and your exercise habits for better body composition.

Here are some exercises you can do if you don’t already:

  • Explosive lunge jumps, which target the glutes and hamstrings. It’s recommended you do 30 lunges at a time and five sets total.
  • Weight squat jumps, which will strengthen your glutes and quads. Do 25 lunges at a time and five sets total.
  • Interval training, which may include running on a treadmill. Gradually go faster, running at three miles per hour and then moving up to seven miles per hour.
  • Pushups, which improve core and arm muscles. Do 15 reps in five sets.
  • Burpees, which strengthen your thigh, shoulder, and core muscles. Do 10 burpees at a time in three sets.

About Cahill Back & Neck Care, Your Resource for Weight Loss Guidance

Do you want a body composition analysis in Inver Grove Heights? Are you looking to improve your nutrition or need weight loss guidance? Contact us at Cahill Back & Neck Care. Our chiropractic clinic in Inver Grove Heights specializes in weight management services.

Other services we offer are sciatica treatment, massage therapy, auto accident injury treatment, whiplash treatment, back and neck pain relief, and orthotics. To learn more or schedule an appointment today, please call 651-451-7222. You can also visit us at Cahill Back & Neck Care on 6115 Cahill Avenue, Suite 100.

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