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Work Injury Treatment with our Inver Grove Heights Chiropractor

Back pain can impact every aspect of your life. Some people are at risk of back injuries due to the job they do. When this is the case, you have to take steps to protect your back throughout your workday. There are many things that you can do, including working with Cahill Back & Neck Care Center in Inver Grove Heights to keep your spine properly aligned, that will help you to alleviate back pain and prevent future issues.

Woman suffering from back pain at workPrevention is the Key

One of the best things that you can do is to prevent back problems from occurring in the first place. Using proper posture throughout your workday is a primary way to protect your back. Don’t lock your knees when you are standing. Walk around periodically throughout the day instead of just sitting around.

Ergonomic furniture and equipment can also help with back issues. Your chair, desk, keyboard, and computer are some of the items that might have an ergonomic design. Your employer should supply these items for you

Think about your shoes. Women might want to wear high heels to work; however, this might not be practical if you stand a lot. Higher heels can throw your back alignment off.

Women aren’t the only ones who have a special consideration. Men who keep a wallet in their back pocket when they sit can throw their hip alignment off. This can cause back pain. Moving the wallet to a front pocket when you sit can help to minimize this risk.

Risk of Cumulative Trauma Injuries

Cumulative trauma injuries can impact the back when you are doing the same thing over and over again. You might not realize that you have them until they have progressed considerably. This means that you will need more treatments by the time you seek out care. Instead of waiting until the pain is bad, you can consult with our chiropractor when you feel any stiffness or discomfort in your back.

Chiropractic Care Addresses Back Pain

Our Inver Grove Heights chiropractor will help to adjust the alignment of your spine. While this isn’t going to negate impacts from a work injury, it can help to prevent a cumulative trauma injury. It can also address the pain that comes from a work accident injury and normal wear and tear on your body.

The treatments that you receive from the chiropractor are cumulative. The more visits you come to, the better relief you will have. At first, your visits will likely be more frequent, but they will be spaced out more as time progresses.

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The longer you wait to contact Cahill Back & Neck Care Center for an appointment, the longer you will live in pain. Our Inver Grove Heights office will be happy to help you find a treatment plan to address any work-related pain you are suffering from.

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